PPRUNE  *The* online pilot international forum to be on. Know whats going on in aviation and ask questions. Just be careful of what is fact from fiction and watchout for being sucked into an argument by internet trolls.


Smartcockpit  A Brilliant technical library website for airline aircraft. Very handy to access prior to your type rating course, and as a reference during your working career.

Flight Manuals online (1)

Flight Manuals online (2)


Aviationjobs A good worldwide jobs website covering all levels.

Pilot career centre As well as worldwide pilot jobs by location and aircraft type, this is also a good airline directory with useful information.

AFAP Jobs The Australian Pilots Union job section covering pilots jobs in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

737 and A320

1Stepprep For 737 and A320 training, these guys are really good at focusing on certain concepts and explaining in a very direct way that is effective with a touch of humour. A breath of fresh air to come across cool guys like these compared to some I have experienced in sim training. If only we had instructors like these for all our airline sim courses.

737 notes

A320 CBT Computer Based Training on youtube that you would get on your type rating course.

A320 Flight Instrument Simulator For learning A320 automation. Quite handy during the sim part of your type rating course to practise.

STUDENT PILOTS (and good Pilot Instructor revision too!)



Perceptions, Procedures, and Princilples of Flight

NASA Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics

Aircraft Performance crash course

PBN explained

See Lift in action It may be old, but its really good, better than seeing still pictures in a textbook.

How the Propeller works I really got into propellers when upgrading my Instructor rating. Why don’t they show you videos like this in the classroom?!

NZCAA Flight Instructor Manual and Briefings  Free. Scroll to the bottom for the downloads

CASA Australian Flight Instructor Manual Free.

FAA USA Flight Instructors Handbook. Free

NZCAA Radiotelephony Manual Free

UKCAA Radiotelephony Manual Free. CAP413. Click on the PDF symbol


NZCAA Good Aviation Practice booklets Make sure to check out the whole series.

NZ Vector magazine   Archives here

Flight Safety Australia

UK Focus magazine

US Aviation Safety

Airbus Flight Safety First . This is also available as a phone app.