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Wherever you are in the aviation career game, knowledge from those that have preceded you can be essential to help you reach your goal.

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Let me take you through a typical interview step by step, what are the tricks and traps for the unweary to watch out for. Hear from someone with experience of being in airline interviews.
Need help, advice, a mentor or counselling? Pathways, options, and ideas for a variety of pilot careers and countries. Gain insight from my journey to find the right path for you. Get the advantage.
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pilot consultant

Experienced Pilot

  • ATPL holder in New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom.
  • Multi Engine Instructor.
  • Rated on A320, B737, F27.
  • ex Airline Flight Planner.


  • Over 30 years involvement in aviation.
  • BSc & GradDip Psychology.
  • Lets not forget the many airline interviews!


  • Cargo and passenger operations in a number of airlines.
  • A variety of paths explored and ventured in my travels, not just in one country.


CV preperation

Some top advice, seems to have a good handle on aviation related matters. Very helpful to talk to.

CV preperation

Awesome trade, thanks for the chat, good advice!!

CV preperation

Great trader..great insight & advice on what’s happening out there for pilots. AA++

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Pilot Purpose

Discover your path and potential